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A little bit about me.

I will find and convert your target audience at precisely the right moment with calculated online advertising.

Having spent over a decade developing and managing search marketing campaigns of all budgets, my customer acquisition expertise and understanding of how search engine ad platforms operate have allowed me to help clients grow their presence and their customers via highly targeted and profitable internet marketing campaigns.

From enterprise to start-up, I develop ROI-focused customer acquisition and lead gen campaigns that maximize budgets and turn clicks into customers.

Don’t Just Get Clicks. Get Customers.

No matter your goal, SEM is foundational to digital marketing success.
My strategy is comprehensive.


Utilizing a number of approaches to find new search targets ensures you’re getting the most qualified traffic at the best price.


Your industry expertise translates into meaningful messaging to your audience. Test determines the sweet spot.


Whether manual or a cutting-edge algorithmic strategy I apply the best approach to achieve your goals.


I get the right products in front of the right audience by managing down to the query level.


A customer on a mobile device behaves very differently than one on desktop. A mobile focused strategy is a necessity.


Sophisticated remarketing strategies for both Search and Display can be a competitive game changer.


I’ve worked with many marketing agencies through the years, but there is only one marketer that has over-delivered every time and that is Erika. Any type of marketing or development problem we’ve thrown at her, she has solved for us.

– Anthony at ion Interactive

We are blown away by the results that Erika has brought us in such a short period of time. As an early startup on a tight budget, she helped us double our revenue in less than 5 months and built a steady stream of new customer leads.

– Ben at Saveology

Erika worked alongside our eCommerce team to grow our social media and SEO marketing channels. In that time, our social media presence has grown to 100k followers, and our website has gained over 400% in organic search traffic.

– Jennifer at Stop Aging Now

Strategy Consulting + Agency Services.

From Search to Social, I develop and deliver ROI-driven marketing campaigns that target and convert your key audience. I understand that each client has unique challenges and goals.


Target consumers looking for your products and maximize return on every dollar spent.

Lead Gen

Not just leads, but qualified leads and opportunities. Fill the pipeline with qualified prospects.

Build Relationships

Don’t just build awareness, generate demand with my full-funnel strategies that your competition will never see coming.


Proven growth strategies to help you grow within your budget.

Choosing where to invest your ad dollars is a big decision.

I understand the impact that decision can have on the bottom line. Contact me for an in-depth and detailed one-on-one analysis of your current online marketing efforts and where I can help you fill in the gaps.

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